“I really appreciate your help with Milli”

Aideen was recommended to me by a friend, I have always been open to the world of communication without voice or language. So I felt it was worth making contact. From the first phone call I felt Aideen was the right person to work with our dog Milli.
Milli is a great dog who works very hard to protect the family which involves being very antisocial to other dogs close to our home. Aideen reached out to Milli and I believe this calmed Milli as it was a good connection and Milli was open to it.
We met on two occasions, the second was for Milli to relax and receive some reki, after a good bit of testing the room she relaxed and totally opened up. I would recommend Aideen to anyone with an animal they are trying to connect with or needs some support to release/ relaxation. Your animal with thank you.
Thank you Aideen.  I really appreciate your help with Milli.
Yvette, Dublin. April 2017
― Yvette and Milli