“Unbelievable. This really works!” Elsa

‘I called on Aideen when our dog suddenly showed  anxious behaviour at night that seemed inexplicable. It made no sense and no one could explain it. It was absolutely remarkable what Aideen said. She pin pointed the problem straight away and it felt like a piece of the jigsaw had been found. We went from nights up till the small hours with a very anxious dog to full nights’ sleep and a calm dog. Unbelievable.  This really works! Thank you so much’

Penny Gundry, UK

Penny and Elsa

“Couldn’t recommend this service enough”

Aideen was an absolute pleasure to work with. After her first connection with my dog Rosie she relayed in-depth details of my pets daily life, her habits, her emotions and anxieties. I was given an insightful background into some of the reasons behind particular ways in which Rosie behaves, including incidents from her past effecting her present. As animal lovers, we care so much about our pets but sometimes it is difficult for us to interpret exactly what they’re feeling, as an owner it was incredibly interesting for me to hear what Aideen had taken from her connection with Rosie. Our second dog Rocky had recently passed and there had been a lot of worry and divide over whether to introduce a new animal into the house to keep Rosie company, it was very helpful for us to hear what Aideen had to say on this topic – she explained specifically how Rosie was feeling and gave good advice on how to go about choosing a new companion. I feel really well informed and I’m thankful that there’s a service like this out there that allows me to connect with my pet on a more personal level!”

Sophie. Dublin, Ireland

Sophie and Rosie

“Ed really settled and  became a much calmer and less destructive dog”

I contacted Aideen to try help me with Ed, a dog I adopted who had been in rescue for 9 Edmonths. Aideen connected with Ed and was able to tell me some things which certainly helped Ed to settle into our family. Of course I was a little skeptical but Aideen was able to describe Ed’s temperament exactly, and told me some of the things he was confused about in our home. Once I knew these things and changed them, Ed really settled and  became a much calmer and less destructive dog. I would highly recommend Aideen. She speaks slowly and calming while connecting with the dog and I definitely got a strong sense that she did indeed connect with Ed.

Denise Monahan. Dublin, Ireland

Denise and Ed

“I highly recommend Aideen as an animal communicator” 

Version 2I was very impressed with Aideen’s communications with Luna and Kona. Aideen was insightful, and gave accurate information (based solely on my animals’ pictures, names and age) about the animals’ personalities and background. Her compassionate and caring connection to Luna and Kona helped to answer my questions and concerns about their behavior, and in so doing, strengthened our mutual inter-species understanding.

Michele. USA

Michele, USA