“I am truly truly blown away by the accuracy of Aideen’s evaluation”

I was blown away by Aideens first communication with Bella. Even down to the description of her food and the items I add to it to her very unique characteristics that described her so well.

What was most remarkable was Aideens insights into Bellas early life before we got her and this was so spot on it was almost freaky, but in a good way of course.

Prior to todays call, I already felt very connected to Bella’s needs, but after Aideens communication today I really feel I can make her silver years with us even better than before and have a far greater insight into how my emotional reactions (mostly worry about Bella up until now) are so powerful on her current anxieties. Now my worries have almost faded away and really feel like my toolkit is greatly enhanced having had this most amazing and positive experience. Was my first ever experience of animal communication and am truly truly blown away by the accuracy of Aideen’s evaluation.

Thanks so much Aideen. Feel like I’m looking at my dog through a new lense.

Aideen is so professional, friendly and caring. Although I have never spoken to her prior to this, I felt such warmth and compassion from her that I almost feel like I know her which might sound strange 😉 I felt so positive after the communication and was smiling ear to ear all day.

Karen, Cork. Ireland

― Karen and Bella