Aideen has been a huge help to our 16 month old labrador, Freddie who was extremely anxious travelling in the car.  He would freeze with fear and freddie-2-e1525094392556.jpgdrool copious amounts even on a short journey.  We were concerned as we like to go away for weekends and really wanted to be able to take Freddie with us to the beach and woods etc without him being really stressed.  We tried all sorts of things but it wasn’t until Aideen communicated with him that things changed almost overnight and he was a different dog after that.

He now travels quite happily in the car, looks out of the window on short journeys and lies down and goes to sleep on longer trips.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Aideen for any issues you might be having with your pet, she has made such a huge difference to Freddie and our lives, we can’t thank her enough.

Julia & Sean, UK


― Anxious traveller in the car.