Aideen has been a huge help to our 16 month old labrador, Freddie who was extremely anxious travelling in the car.  He would freeze with fear and freddie-2-e1525094392556.jpgdrool copious amounts even on a short journey.  We were concerned as we like to go away for weekends and really wanted to be able to take Freddie with us to the beach and woods etc without him being really stressed.  We tried all sorts of things but it wasn’t until Aideen communicated with him that things changed almost overnight and he was a different dog after that.

He now travels quite happily in the car, looks out of the window on short journeys and lies down and goes to sleep on longer trips.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Aideen for any issues you might be having with your pet, she has made such a huge difference to Freddie and our lives, we can’t thank her enough.

Julia & Sean, UK


Anxious traveller in the car.

IMG_7651We are an American family living in Ireland with a very sweet 1-year old Goldendoodle.  We were very apprehensive about leaving her for an extended stay while we visited family in California over the holidays.  I found Aideen through the friend of a friend of a friend and thank goodness the network is alive and well – we could not have been happier with the situation.   Clover had an amazing stay and we received regular updates and photos – it really erased any apprehension and guilt we had about being away.  We took Clover back for a visit and she had a very happy reunion with Aideen and her family.  And we have planned our next trip! Thank you, Aideen.



Juno the squirrel hunter!
Bubba the black spaniel dog
Bubba. ‘Where’s my ball, where’s my ball!’









We will never look further for a dog minder.

We were absolutely blessed to find Aideen. Our two treasured, irrepressible best little buddies (Bubba & Juno) were minded by Aideen for a week. I know they massively enjoyed their time with Aideen, particularly as they attempted to follow her home when they recently met in the park!

She clearly loves dogs and has a great way with them – calm, kind and lovely 🙂 We will never look further for a dog minder.



Juno & Bubba

“What ever you did..thank you!”


Hi Aideen. Not sure what you did while you minded Ernie our Cockapoo, but we’ve just walked Killiney Hill (along with hundreds of other dogs) and he has shown no interest in other dogs. No growling or fighting..a bit amorous on one occasion, but that’s it! He’s been like that since we got him back from you minding him for the week. So whatever you did…thank you!

Photo of Aideen & Ernie taken by Amber Fortune

Ernie & Monica

“He has stopped biting his paw”

Black Labrador dog
Aideen really helped my gorgeous dog Rainer. He was very anxious and was biting his paw and really hurting himself. Aideen really sorted Rainer out with some communication and some reiki. He really came out of himself, his stressfulness and anxiousness is gone and he has stopped biting his paw. I cannot recommend Aideen enough.

Roisin P

Rainer & Roisin

“I really appreciate your help with Milli”

Aideen was recommended to me by a friend, I have always been open to the world of communication without voice or language. So I felt it was worth making contact. From the first phone call I felt Aideen was the right person to work with our dog Milli.
Milli is a great dog who works very hard to protect the family which involves being very antisocial to other dogs close to our home. Aideen reached out to Milli and I believe this calmed Milli as it was a good connection and Milli was open to it.
We met on two occasions, the second was for Milli to relax and receive some reki, after a good bit of testing the room she relaxed and totally opened up. I would recommend Aideen to anyone with an animal they are trying to connect with or needs some support to release/ relaxation. Your animal with thank you.
Thank you Aideen.  I really appreciate your help with Milli.
Yvette, Dublin. April 2017
Yvette and Milli
  “He is a new cat, back to his old friendly self…”

I contacted Aideen as Oscar the cat had become withdrawn, unfriendly and started urinating in the house. I previously tried cat claming sprays and plugins but nothing worked. I saw Aideen’s add in the local vetinary clinic and though it was worth a go.

When I contacted Aideen she was very professional and was passionate about solving the problem with Oscar. Since she made comminucation with oscar, he is a new cat, back to his old friendly self, interacts more with the family and has stopped urinating in the house which is huge. I would highly recommend contacting Aideen if you have any issues or just want to communcate with your pet, it was a really nice experience.

Grainne, Dublin

Grainne and Oscar

“She is wonderful in this capacity of helping an animal pass over”

I contacted Aideen when our dog was diagnosed with cancer. It was very helpful and comforting to talk to her. it was a case of palative care for my pet dog and we were very upset but Aideen helped me understand that our dog was not in pain and trusted us to make any decision that we thought was right. He had no fear of death or beyond and only wished for our continued happiness. He also communicated that in time someday he would like us to continue our family unit and to get another dog. That was a great comfort to us and Aideen was a wonderful help.

Her way of communicating is Lovely and gentle. Not intrusive and very understanding and empathetic. She is wonderful in this capacity of helping an animal pass over and how we as humans can make that as peaceful and stress free for the as possible.

Orlaith, Dublin, Ireland


“Since Aideen worked her magic the horse is a different animal, she is unrecognisable”

I heard about the great work Aideen does with animals through a friend. I had a horse that was very timid and uneasy, since Aideen worked her magic the horse is a different animal, she is unrecognisable. Aideen was very professional in her approach to treating my filly and I would highly recommend her.

Barbara. Kildare, Ireland

Beauty and Barbara

“I am truly truly blown away by the accuracy of Aideen’s evaluation”

I was blown away by Aideens first communication with Bella. Even down to the description of her food and the items I add to it to her very unique characteristics that described her so well.

What was most remarkable was Aideens insights into Bellas early life before we got her and this was so spot on it was almost freaky, but in a good way of course.

Prior to todays call, I already felt very connected to Bella’s needs, but after Aideens communication today I really feel I can make her silver years with us even better than before and have a far greater insight into how my emotional reactions (mostly worry about Bella up until now) are so powerful on her current anxieties. Now my worries have almost faded away and really feel like my toolkit is greatly enhanced having had this most amazing and positive experience. Was my first ever experience of animal communication and am truly truly blown away by the accuracy of Aideen’s evaluation.

Thanks so much Aideen. Feel like I’m looking at my dog through a new lense.

Aideen is so professional, friendly and caring. Although I have never spoken to her prior to this, I felt such warmth and compassion from her that I almost feel like I know her which might sound strange 😉 I felt so positive after the communication and was smiling ear to ear all day.

Karen, Cork. Ireland

Karen and Bella