Aideen with her beloved dogs Hoover & Ben

What is Animal Communication:

Would you like to know how your animal is feeling? Animals share our thoughts and feelings through telepathy. We all have the ability to communicate in this way, but as humans, we rely more heavily on verbal communication. As an Animal Communicator Aideen can connect with an animal on a deeper level and share information between you and your animal. This has been life changing for so many of the animals that Aideen has connected with. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

It’s always about relationships; animal to animal or animal to human. One of the key factors that affect relationships is trust. Emotions like fear, stress and separation anxiety play a huge part in how an animal or a human behaves. Through Animal Communication, Aideen can identify the emotional and physical issues that are present. These can be deep-rooted issues that go back years to a past trauma, a physical discomfort or it can simply be a change in routine that has tipped the balance for the animal.

So whether your animal has a problem you would like to resolve, or perhaps you would just like to know how he / she is feeling and if they are happy – Then a session with Aideen will open your eyes to their world and deepen your relationship!

About Aideen:

“How deep is your love”? For animals that is! Well mine is up there with the Bee Gees!
Growing up in Dublin as a child, I always had animals – from dogs to mice and everything in between! When I didn’t have an animal of my own, I borrowed or ‘found lost dogs’ which I was forced to return to their rightful owners by my parents!

Having this passion to work with animals all my life, I decided to follow that dream and qualify as an Animal Communicator under James French of Trust Technique.This has been an amazing journey, helping animals who struggle with behavioural issues or who have had a tough start in life. I’ve never been happier! Bringing peace and understanding to the lives of animals and their carers gives me such joy.


How it works!

Please feel free to request a free call before you make a booking. It may be your first time to work with an Animal Communicator and I appreciate you may have some questions!

For Distant and Home Consultations I will need:

  • A good clear photo of the animal
  • Their Name
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Who is their main carer / owner
  • How long they have lived with you

Email this information to me through the contact tab Booking. Payment can be made at this stage through PayPal, bank transfer or payment method of choice. I will confirm your payment and arrange an appointment time to contact you by phone or Skype.

I will make a first connection with your animal from the photo. On completion, I will contact you at the appointed time where the information I share with you will confirm that we have a good connection. Then you can ask me questions  and I will share more information that is revealed to me by your animal. This will take up to one hour so make sure you have enough time set aside for this!

I will arrange a follow-up call 7 to 14 days later to discuss any changes that have happened as a result of the communication or to answer any questions you may have.

Distant Consultation:

It is possible to connect with an animal from a photo without being in the same place. This allows me to communicate with animals worldwide. The results are the same whether I work from a photo or meet the animal in person.

Animal Communication Distant consultation fee: €60 included a free follow up call.

Home Visit:

The first impression is still conducted by phone or skype. The follow-up is done in the person’s home with the animal present.

Animal Communication Home Visit fee: €120 Local Dublin area. Includes a free follow up call. Your animal will also received Reiki healing if necessary. Price on request outside the Dublin area.


Refund Policy

It is very important to me that there is trust and integrity around every consultation I do. I also want you to have confidence in the service as it may be your first time to use an Animal Communicator. For this reason, I operate a no quibble refund. If at the first connection of the consultation you don’t feel that I has a good connection with your animal, your fee will be refunded. If you accept that it is a good first connection then the communication will proceed for which there is no refund.